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Residential Design Review Requirements

Sudbrook Park is a Baltimore County residential community where any proposed new in-fill or large addition (over 50% of the existing dwelling's gross square footage) must be reviewed and approved by the County's Design Review Panel (DRP) before starting any work.

These requirements apply throughout all of Sudbrook Park, not just within the historic district.

If a property owner fails to follow these regulatory procedures, the County will issue a "stop-work" order and the project will be halted while the homeowner complies with the Design Review process. This may result in expensive changes to plans or dismantling of work already undertaken - a consequence no one welcomes.

If you are planning a significant addition or new construction, contact the Baltimore County Office of Planning (410-887-3495) to see if your project falls under these regulatory requirements. If so, the Sudbrook Park Landmarks Committee can help guide you through the process.

Residential Design Plan