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Trees and Landscaping

trees and landscaping One of the most impressive aspects of Sudbrook Park is its trees—those beautiful majestic giants which for decades and in some cases for more than a century have stood as silent sentinels keeping watch over our historic community.

Here in Sudbrook Park, trees are one of the signature features of our Olmsted community and vitally important to the history, ambience and charm of our lovely neighborhood.

Sudbrook Park trees also may be one of a homeowner's most valuable financial assets. Losing or cutting down a mature Sudbrook Park tree can devalue a home by 20%. For example, a $200,000 home minus one mature tree equals $160,000—a loss of $40,000.

Trees are good for the neighborhood, good for your home, and good for your pocketbook. So, take good care of your trees, and remember to do the right thing − plant a tree.

Tips on Trees and Landscaping
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Understory Trees
Tree Options
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trees and landscaping